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Thank you for shopping with us!

Each user receives a license to use the expert advisor on 1 real account and 1 demo account. If you want to use the EA on more accounts, you must buy an additional license.


If you change accounts in the future you can send us an email and we will move your license to your new account. We will move your license to a new account a maximum of 5 times for each purchased product. When we move your license to a new account, your old account will no longer be valid to use the expert advisor on.



Provide us with your account details:

To unlock and recieve your expert advisor we need the following information for both accounts you wish to use the EA on:

  1. Account number.

  2. Account holder full name (Your full name).

  3. Account broker name.

Please send us a mail at with the necessary information to unlock your license. You need to provide us with your order number as well.

Once we have the necesarry information we will send you your expert advisor within 72 hours 

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