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ROMR SCALPER FX (Roll-Over Mean Reversion Scalper) is a multi currency scalper that takes advantage of the consolidating phase of the forex market during the European night hours. 

Available soon

Starting price: 145€

Final price: 995€

Price increases with 50€ for every 10 copies sold

Launch discount:

Starting price: 95 €

Current price: 145 €

Final price: 1,945 €

Price increases with 50€ for every 10 copies sold

ROMR SCALPER FX_edited.png
  • ROMR SCALPER FX does not use martingale, hedging, arbitrage, or dollar-cost averaging etc.

  • Multi currency expert advisor.

  • Every position is protected with a stop loss order.

  • Can be used on small accounts with as little as 200 USD balance.

  • Highly advanced exit algorithm.

  • Stable long term performance with minimal drawdown


  • More than 12 years of successful stress-testing. 

  • Has been profitable in every market condition for the past +12 years.​​

  • Set and forget EA. 

  • Easy to install and no need of maintenance.

Long term stable performance

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