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Refund Policy

Refund Policy for Expert Advisors

We offer a full refund on all our Expert Advisors (MT4 and MT5) if trading results (closed PnL) on your account after 14 days after installation is different by more than 2% compared to our monitoring signals in the same time period and all of the below criteria have been followed.


  • You follow our setup guide and use the settings we provide.

  • You employ the expert advisor on the broker and account type we recommend (demo or real).

  • You employ the expert advisor on the VPS provider we recommend.

  • All orders and trade executions on your account have solely been opened, modified and closed by the expert advisor. 

  • The expert advisor has had uninterrupted access to your broker.

To receive your refund send us a mail at and provide the following: 

  • Account number.

  • Account broker.

  • Account investor login password - (The investor password should not be confused with your account login password. You must never share your account login password. The investor login does not grant trading privileges, only account monitoring).

  • Your method of payment and order number.

We will issue your refund within 5 business days via the same payment method you used for purchasing the expert advisor. 

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