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How to install PAM SCALPER PRO/lite

Follow this guide to setup PAM SCALPER PRO and/or PAM SCALPER lite

Each user receives a license to use the expert advisor on 1 real account and 1 demo account. If you want to use the EA on more accounts, you must buy an additional license.

If you change accounts in the future you can send us an email and we will move your license to your new account. We will move your license to a new account a maximum of 5 times for each purchased product. When we move your license to a new account, your old account will no longer be valid to use the expert advisor on.


Only use PAM SCALPER on a tight spread ECN account:

The strategy of PAM SCALPER depends on low spread. we advice to use either IC Markets (raw account) or Pepperstone (Razor account) or Tickmill.

If you want to eligible for a refund you must use IC Markets raw spread. Read our refund policy here.

Provide us with your account details:

During check-out when buying the expert advisor, you will be asked to provide us with account information for 1 demo account and 1 real account. We need the following information for both accounts:

  1. Account number.

  2. Account holder full name (Your full name).

  3. Account broker name.

If you did not provide the above information during check-out, please send us a mail at with the necessary information to unlock your license. You need to provide us with your order number or send the email from the same email address as you gave us during check-out

Your personal copy or PAM SCALPER PRO/lite:

Once we have received the necessary information form you, we will unlock your license and send you your personal copy of the expert advisor. This copy will only work on the two accounts you provided information to.

We guarantee that you will receive your copy within 2 business days after we have the necessary information from you.

Use the EA on a stable VPS with low latency and close proximity to your brokers server:

PAM SCALPER depends on fast execution. It is therefore best to install it on a good VPS (virtual private server). We use FXVM and have no issues with connectivity or speed.

Choose the VPS server location that is closes to your brokers server. We use IC Markets and choose New York for our VPS server, as ICM has their trade server in NY.

If you do not have a VPS already and choose to use FXVM, we will appreciate if you use our affiliate link:

Should you sign up with our affiliate link, let us know and we will send you a 10% discount code for your next purchase from our shop.

Install the EA on your Meta Trader Terminal:

Once you have received your copy of the EA you need to place it in the right directory of your Meta Trader terminal.

  1. Open your MT5 terminal.

  2. Go to "File" in the top menu and "Open Data Folder".

  3. Open the folder called "MQL5".

  4. Open the folder called "Experts"

  5. Paste your copy of PAM SCALPER into that folder.

  6. In your MT5 terminal go to your navigator. (If the navigator is currently open, go to "View" in the top menu and select "Navigator"

  7. In the Navigator, right click on the path called "Expert Advisors" and click on "refresh in the drop down menu".

Allow DLL imports:

In order to be able to run the EA you need to allow DLL imports. This is needed for the remote licensing software we use. If you do not allow DLL imports you will not be able to use the EA.

  1. In the top menu, go to "Tools".

  2. In the dropdown menu, select "Options"

  3. In the options interface, select the "Expert Advisors" tab.

  4. Check the box to "Allow DLL imports".

Allow Algo Trading and load the EA:

  1. Locate the button in the top of your Terminal called "Algo Trading". This button must display a green "play" icon. If you see a red "stop" icon, then click on the button once to enable Algo Trading.

  2. Open 1 EURUSD chart - change it to the 30M timeframe.

  3. If you see a buy and sell button in the top left corner of the chart, right click on the chart window and unselect "One Click Trading".

  4. Drag the Expert advisor from the navigator onto the chart.

  5. Go to the "Dependencies" tab and check the box to "Allow DLL imports".

  6. Go to the "Common" tab and make sure the check box to "Allow Algo Trading" is checked.

  7. Click "ok" in the bottom right corner.

If installed correctly you will see a blue "hat" icon in the top right of the chart, next to the name of the expert advisor and the EA will start placing pending orders if time is within the EA's trading session.

Note that the comments displayed in the top left corner of the chart only displays after the first incoming tick. If you load the EA during weekends or when the market is closed, you will only see a blue box with no comments. Once the market opens the comments will be displayed on top of the blue box.

If you have any questions or need help to set up the EA, you can book a personal setup call.

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