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Connecting Dots


PAM SCALPER lite (Price Action Momentum Scalper) analyses historical price data to identify supply and demand zones where liquidity is high and enters with momentum of institutional money flow.

  • PAM SCALPER lite is the little brother to PAM SCALPER PRO. It uses the same trade logic and has all the same features as its big brother. However, it only employs one of the three strategies used by the PRO version.

  • 86% win-rate from 2011 to 2022 during 2738 trades.

  • Every position is protected with a stop loss order.

  • Can be used on small accounts with as little as 50 USD balance.

  • Highly advanced exit algorithm.

  • PAM SCALPER lite does not use martingale, hedging, arbitrage, or dollar-cost averaging etc.​​



  • Self adapting stop loss control based on current market dynamics.

  • This system does not rely on indicators. Only historical price action and volume data is used to find high probability entry areas. ​

  • More than 11 years of successful stress-testing. 

  • Has been profitable in every market condition for the past +11 years.

  • Most positions are closed within minutes. ​This makes PAM SCALPER PRO one of the safest EA's on the market. Having open positions increases risk exposure to black swan events and flash crashes.

  • PAM SCALPER PRO only enters in the direction of the the current market pressure, which further adds to this expert advisor safety protocols. 

  • Set and forget EA. 

  • Advanced money management options that will suite every users individual needs.

Long term stable performance

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