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Connecting Dots


SAR TRADER (Support and resistance trader) is a classic supply and demand trading system designed for EURUSD. The EA sells at zones with bearish pressure and buys at zones with bullish pressure.

Launch discount

Starting price: 95€

Current price 145€

Final price: 995€

Price increases with 50€ for every 10 copies sold

Abstract Lines
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  • SAR TRADER ea uses dollar cost averaging to scale into positions. This results in the EA always being able to close a basket of positions in profit. ​​​​​

Using cost averaging to scale into positions have many benefits, but it can lead to excessive risk! Read our manual to understand the associated risk and learn how to best use this type money management system to ensure the safety of your capital. 

  • Built in safety mechanisms to prevent large drawdowns.​

  • Multi currency expert advisor.

  • Additional features that are designed for using SAR TRADER to pass prop-firm challenges are built into the EA and are fully customisable by the user. 


  • Built in trend-direction and trend-strength filters to avoid unfavourable market conditions.

  • More than 10 years of successful stress-testing. 

  • Has been profitable in every market condition for the past +12 years.​​

  • Set and forget EA. 

  • Easy to install and no need of maintenance.

  • Stable long term performance with minimal drawdown

Abstract Background

Long term stable performance

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